11393135_1598530183751266_5588052994524476744_nThis was a ground breaker for me.  Instead of a jewel case, this CD came in the sleeve in the front cover of a book.  Limited release that saw two editions printed.  The book was a hard cover release with three chapers:  The lyrics to the songs, poetry, and random essays.  Each song, poems and essay, had a piece of artwork to go with it.  All different mediums.

released March 3, 2016

1. Guts
2. King Slayer
3. I, You; We Are
4. Just Another Day
5. Break
6. Error From The Deep
7. Under The Stairs
8. Police State
9. The Last Fuck
10. Glory



Another Holy Shit moment similar to the reception of Mouth Full of Dirt.  A whole new sound.  Different direction.  And this album was released as a triple disc digipak /t-shirt preorder, complete a disc of commentary, and a disc of just the instrumentals.

released July 16, 2014

1. Welcome to Dirtcore
2. Detonate
3. Love
4. Hate
5. Pest
6. Breaking Away
7. Creatures (ft Lo Key)
8. This Time We Die (ft DurtE)
9. Burn (ft Renigade)
10. Waiting
11. Feral Tribe (ft I Am Gilgamesh)
12. Shades of Grey Part 2
13. Off The High Rise
14. We Are Alive
15. Procedure
16. Zero Ground (ft Luke Danelon)
17. Scumbag Lies
18. Kennel Up (remix)
19. Suck (remix)
20. See The Sun
21. Dirt to the Core (ft MidWest Monsters)
22. Cryptic Wisdom – Up In Smoke Remix (ft Crossworm)



The singer from Dear Dangerous, Luke Danelon discovered some beats I was producing around the time of our Dear Dangerous production in Hollywood, CA… He talked me into letting him write to them, and this was born. Two years later we recorded and mixed the album at his home in Hollywood, and then in 2013 we launched out of our office in Grand Rapids, MI and toured with HURT, and Smile Empty Soul.

released April 14, 2013

1. Primal People
2. Blood Tonight
3. Steel Toe Disco
4. Fore on the Floor
5. We Are The Light
6. We All Fall Down



My band Dear Dangerous.  Formerly called Demerol.  I started on beats/instrumentals/drums.  Ended up just on the instrumentals and production.

We started recording this album with Engineer Danny Cocke @ Morning View in Malibu, and mixed it in Hollywood.

released November 12, 2012

mixed and mastered by Danny Cocke.
Produced by Crossworm

Singer / guitars: Luke Danelon
Beats / Synths: Crossworm
Bass: Eddy Gravel
Drums: Andy Gravel

released Nov 12, 2012

1. City Walls
2. Hey Hey
3. For the People
4. California Glow
5. Got a Reason
6. Dear Dangerous
7. Gray January
8. Eyes on Fire (Pray)
9. Killing Spree
10. Solar and Simple
11. Worlds Apart
12. Slave
13. All That She Wants (Ace of Base cover)


This remix was released on the Grindhouse mixtape series. The original version debuted on the Presidents of the Wicked Underground mixtape.

Released Nov 5th 2011


This was a social experiment I put out.  I noticed that the new demos I was recording had a different feel to them, and I wondered if I could gain the same kind of brand traction if I started over under a new name.  I wanted to test my fan reception at that time.

In turn, I realized that most people heard it as an entirely different entity and genre all together.  There is a different attitude on this album.  Enough to justify the additional persona to fans.  But I think looking from the outside, it’s probably the exact same thing.  The albums that would follow this, were so much more of a drastic change than this album was in comparison to Mouth Full of Dirt.

On this album my goal was rebellion.  From myself especially.  It was full steam into feeling like a lone wolf.  un-Apologetically punk.

released November 11, 2008

1. Suck
2. Plateau
3. Bailout
4. Reach
5. Kennel Up


This is a remaster of an original song I did for Underground Hustlin Volume 13.  I think the actual release was around 2010.  This was another single I released to keep the momentum from Mouth Full of Dirt.

Fun Fact:  There is NOTHING I like about this song.



This is a remix of the original song I did for Underground Hustlin Volume 8 in 2009.  In 2009 I did a bunch of singles to keep the momentum from Mouth Full of Dirt.



Although I had previous releases, I feel that this is the album in which I found myself musically. This is where “dirtcore” officially appeared. It is highly regarded in the underground and for that I am honored. A limited amount were pressed by Guttamind of NYA Music Inc. it is out of print, and now I’m giving it away for free.

released November 11, 2008

1. Shades of Gray
2. Thievery
3. Newvolution
4. Before I Wake
5. Eyes of the Looking Glass
6. I hope You Fail



Ready to Burn was an experimental album written in 2006, to help increase my writing ability and to experiment with production techniques. It was never pressed or officially release. I released a previous version online in 2007 for free, to get constructive criticism from some peers. This version is the final one. It contains some extra features. Three songs from the original version went on to be included in my 2008 release; “Mouth Full of Dirt.”

released January 8, 2007

1. They Come and They Go (feat Renigade)
2. Ordained
3. The Red Queen
4. Rock the Flesh
5. Monkey in a Cage
6. I just Want You to Know
7. Beneath a Punk
8. Misery Coast (feat Clim tha Lord, and Provoke)
9. Leader Leader on the Wall
10. Wish the World Away
11. Stuck in This
12. Ruff’ em’ Up (feat Clim tha Lord)
13. Bury Me
14. It’s Alright remix (feat Clim Tha Lord)



Written in 2002-2003 and was released in 2004. This was my first solo album under the name Crossworm. Previous to this I was in a Horrorcore duo called 2KORPSE, circa 1998 – 2000′. This album was me getting my feet wet. It’s very rough, but is a piece of my history, and a part of my journey as a producer, and artist.

1. Out of the Depths
2. Crossworm
3. Phoenix
4. Blood Sweat and Tears
5. Ace of Hearts, King of Cold
6. Back the Fuck Up
7. Don’t Feed the Fiends
8. It’s All the Same
9. I Think it’s Time
10. X-Town
11. With or Without
12. Thirteen
13. Over the years