Rapped And Tagged: Crossworm | “Mouth Full Of Dirt”

Review by Matt Molgaard.  7 November 2009 10:49 AM, PST | Fangoria | 

Crossworm is one hell of a versatile Canadian, as evidenced by his latest release Mouth Full Of Dirt. Mouth may be labeled dirtcore, but it’s more a combination of a little self deprecation, an unhealthy load of angst and a taste of the macabre, all tangled up in the form of an impressive, emotional six track Ep. The album, produced by Crossworm himself (with a little guitar assistance from Lukas D) offers an eclectic blend of music, ranging from grimey metal foundations to melodic hip hop undertones. And Crossworm finds little trouble pinpointing a comfortable vocal range on each of these varying instrumentals. It’s really an impressive effort on the whole.

To support my claims are the unique offerings ‘Shades Of Gray’, a (somehow) smooth yet aggressive track in which Cross ensures listeners he’s here to stay. ‘Before I Wake’ is a punchy joint that enables Cross to exercise an intricate vocal cadence.