Crossworm knows his worth. He’s a little expensive sometimes and I may not be able to afford to hire him for everything that I need, but I do know that when it’s time to hire Crossworm for a project, I never second guess it.

Cryptic Wisdom

Whenever it comes to any high priority projects, Crossworm is ALWAYS my go to guy for engineering work. Ive worked with tons of “engineers”, none of which even come close to the quality mixing and mastering which he has provides for my music. For the price, you just cannot beat the quality. Have also had the privilege of working with him on several collaborations, all of which turned out insanely dope. Def an OG in the scene and in a league of his own when it comes to skill, and originality.

Playboy The Beast

Crossworm has been a pleasure to work with. As an artist that is all about positivity it is key for my to find someone who matched my focus. Many see this man as abrasive, but he has one of the purest minds and best hearts. His work?
His work is astounding!
I had never done an audio project before working with this man and he made the process painless and even educational!
Not to mention, my work has never sounded better!
The horns, crisp, the audio, level, and overall magical!
You will not regret working with this man, he is like the Create-A-Player with all of his stats maxed out. Get him on your team!

Fable The Poet

Working with Crossworm has been an unparalleled experience for me.  With unmatched true mastery talent in the visual, audio and production departments backed by years of professional experience both as an artist himself and an engineer.  His work is synonymous with both top quality and consistency be it his own work or your own. Since working with him I haven’t been more excited, motivated and amped to complete a record and I plan on hiring him for all of my future projects. The price is beyond worth the satisfaction you’ll receive from having your album sounding identical or even better than most industry standard records. If you’re an artist looking to level up in the game, hire Crossworm, you won’t be disappointed.

Mad Choppa, of Kamakazee

Its not always easy paying some one you’ve never met face to face to handle your mixing, mastering, and production, but if you’re serious about putting out the best quality music for the best possible price look no further than Crossworm! Whether you need your vocals cleaned up or a mix adjusted, or maybe you need a dope beat fully customized to your liking, either way, Crossworm is the man to have do it every time! I wouldn’t trust my projects to anyone else. ~Leroy Hayes~ of Kamakazee

Leroy Hayes of Kamakazee

Crossworm put together an amazing remix to my song Box, and I really appreciate the extra time and effort he put into fine tuning it, the ear he has for music is outstanding, and I would definitely recommend his services. Most importantly his communication was constant, So I knew what he needed from me and vice versa

The Unabomber of Dirty Devil Entertainment

Crossworm’s ability to mentor and guide me in the right direction musically is second to none. He gives the best advice for whatever situation you’re in because he’s already seen it all. The best person you can have on your side if you are a beginner or a professional.

Damien Page

My songs were in need of that final touch, in the studio, Mastering. I handed a few tunes over to Crossworm, and he kicked it into Pro Gear! Definitely brought my songs from “muddy mix”, to FREAKIN’ SICK!! I’d recommend him to anyone, unless they had no use for somebody with his skill sets (s). That would just be a waste of time and energy. That I will not do. What?

Ghost Motive